Advanced CQB Marksmanship

and Weapons Manipulations

Course Length : 

Taken from a combination of past operational experiences of the instructors, both foreign and domestic, the practical shooting competition world, and study of biomechanical movements of the human body we will discuss and demonstrate the nuance of engaging targets with both the rifle and handgun on a microscale. We will dissect administrative and emergency actions, break them down into step by step instruction and deliver it on the simplest level possible. Manipulating and moving both weapon systems through space in the safest and most efficient manner will also be heavily reinforced.

course outline

Day 1:

  • Concept of "Mechanical Speed"
  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Sights
    - Iron Sights
    - Red Dot System - Handgun and Rifle
    - Acceptable Sight Picture
  • Trigger Management
    - Accelerated
    - Controlled
    - Reset
  • Handgun Draw
  • CQB Weapon Positions

Day 2:

  • CQB Marksmanship Standards
  • Armed Movement/Mutual Support
  • Reloads
    - Emergency
    - "Tac"
  • One Handed Shooting
    - Context
    - "Strong" and "Support" Hand
    - Reloads
  • Use of Cover/Barricades
  • Shooting and Moving

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