CQB/Structure Clearing

With K9 Integration

Course Length : 

This course is aimed at K9 units who operate together as well as officers from any unit who may find themselves providing individual handlers protection escorts during subject tracking. We will examine how to use simple principles, tactics and the strength of each asset in the 4 man tracking team (K9, handler, and two escorting officers) to repel ambushes and safely clear structures. Primary focus will be placed on employing the K9 inside structures in support of physically clearing danger areas.

course outline

Day 1:

  • Tracking Team Structure
  • Response to Ambush During Track
  • Structure Clearing/CQB
    - Principles
    - Searching with K9 on Lead
    - Searching with K9 off Lead

Day 2:

  • CQB Continued
  • Practical Exercise
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