SWAT Assaulter Course

Course Length : 

This course is designed specifically for the SWAT team entry operator/assaulter. We will explore techniques and procedures to enhance the most fundamental SWAT team skill: CQB. We will also delve into the individual skills, such as on-demand marksmanship, that support team structure searching. Team development concepts, such as operational considerations, SOP development, and yearly team training, will be discussed in order to drive team progress forward.

course outline

Day 1:

  • Close Quarters Weapons Manipulations
    - Rifle and Handgun Positions
    - Marksmanship Standards
    - Armed Movement and Mutual Support
  • CQB/Structure Searching
    - Principles
    - Base 2 System

Day 2:

  • CQB Continued
    - 4 Man Fireteam with Team Leader
    - Managing Contacts
    - Breaching
    - Multiple Fireteams and "Passthroughs"
    - Stairs

Day 3:

  • CQB Continued
    - Team Practicals
  • Team Development

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