Small Unit Vehicle Takedowns

and Undercover Rescue

Course Length : 

Designed for Narcotics, Gang, & Vice detectives, Street Crimes Units, Task Force Officers and any Patrol/SWAT personnel called to assist. Plain clothes units will regularly participate in high risk street operations but often do not conduct any on-going team training. These units are also often forced to conduct said operations with a critically low number of officers due to manpower shortages. In the field, this leads to officers with differing levels of training and experience just "winging it" and hoping for the best opening up the possibility of injured officers, unreasonable uses of force, and increased department liability. This course will serve as a "Basic Tactics School" for vehicle-based operations, enabling all participating officers/operators to reach a strong baseline proficiency and be in sync as a team to achieve operational success.

course outline

Day 1:

  • Close Quarters Handgun Manipulations and Marksmanship
  • Small Unit Vehicle Takedowns
    - Vehicle Blocking
    - Vehicle Takedown Techniques
    - Post Assault Procedures
    - "Overlay" Concept
    - Gear Considerations

Day 2:

  • Small Unit Emergency Undercover Rescue - Vehicle
    - Use of Force
    - Principles/Priorities
    - Emergency Signals
    - Rescue Team Techniques
  • Vehicle Doman Gunfighting
    - Ballistics
    - Counter-Ambush Response
    - Alternate Shooting Positions
    - Break Contact/Bounding Techniques
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