Urban Designated Marksman

Improvised Shooting Positions for the Law Enforcement Sniper

Course Length : 

The law enforcement marksman will rarely ever be able to reach a classic, textbook prone position while providing overwatch or security. Terrain and limited choices of potential hide sides force the law enforcement rifleman to embrace ingenuity and adaptability in order to achieve the most comfortable and stable position possible. This course focuses on both the law enforcement sniper as well as the uniformed officer with a magnified variable optic on his/her issued patrol rifle. We will explore alternate positions across multiple operational domains and the principles of how to achieve stability in each.

course outline

Day 1:

  • Training Priorities
  • Marksmanship Standard
  • Alternate Positional Shooting Techniques
    - Tripod
    - Bags
    - Barricades
    - Modified Prone
  • Gear Selection and Placement
  • Moving Targets

Day 2:

  • Vehicle Hides
  • Hasty Deployment for High Risk Search Warrants
  • Overwatch for Public Venue
  • Practical Exercise
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