A current police officer in Atlanta for nearly a decade, J.T. has amassed an incredible combination of training and experience. J.T. spent the first 7 years of his career at arguably the busiest municipality in Georgia, the majority of his tenure assigned to a full-time tactical unit. While assigned to this unit J.T. participated in excess of 1,000 combined high risk search warrants, barricaded subjects, and hostage rescues as both an assaulter and sniper.

In between large-scale activations, J.T.’s unit would take part in daily streel level operations assisting his department’s narcotics, vice, homeland security and gang units, as well as crime suppression units, and task forces from every major federal law enforcement agency. These operations included vehicle takedowns of subjects trafficking narcotics, fugitive apprehension, human trafficking rescue operations, acting as an emergency rescue team for undercover detectives, conducting surveillance, and takedowns of known gang suspects. J.T. has also participated in hundreds of K9 tracks providing protection for handlers, VIP protection details, and planned large scale sniper overwatch operations at mass gathering public events.

J.T. currently serves as an instructor with R.C., assigned to the training division at a new police department. Both are responsible for all firearms and tactics training for the department. J.T. also serves as a member of new his department’s tactical team and, along with R.C., is responsible for all team training.
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