R.C. is a current full time police officer in Metro Atlanta.  R.C. serves as a Department Training Officer and an assaulter on SWAT, responsible for all firearms and tactics training within his department and his team.

R.C. previously served over 10 years as an infantryman in the U.S. Army.  During his service, R.C. served as an NCO at all levels of platoon leadership.  R.C. completed 2 deployments to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, planning and executing hundreds of raids to secure High Value Targets.

Most recently, R.C. took a break in service from law enforcement to deploy as a member of an elite special purpose team assigned to a classified DOD project in a high threat environment, with a Top-Secret SCI clearance.  While assigned to the project, R.C. was responsible for hostage rescue and recovery, as well as advising DOD officials on the full spectrum of security operations.
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